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Digital Image Sources

You'll find several links here to good image sources for presentations, projects, etc. Although most of the resources  are copyright friendly, remember that  you still need to cite them appropriately, even if you don't need to ask permission to use the images.



Finding Images on the Web:  Boston University Libraries' excellent guide to copyright and fair use as related to images, along with numerous links to image sources.



YoTo Photo:  Searches over a quarter million "free to use" images and graphics

Best Photos.US


Flickr Creative Commons:A good place for quality, general photos

Pics4Learning:  Copyright friendly educational images

FreeFoto: Similar to Flickr



Moving Image Archive





US Government Photos/Graphics:  "Most of these images and graphics are available for use in the public domain, and they may be used and reproduced without permission or fee. However, some images may be protected by license. We strongly recommend you thoroughly read the disclaimers on each site before use."

Wellcome:  UK site with images covering "2000 years of human culture." Searchable by historic or contemporary images.

Smithsonian Photo Database: Subjects range from art to history to space

National Anthropological Archives

New York Public Library Digital Gallery Access to over 600,000 images

British Library Images Online



Subject Specific




Internet Moving Image Archive:  Thousands of digital movies ranging from animation to feature length film to news broadcasts and sports video

ArtServe:  Art and architecture from the Mediterranean, Japan, India and Cambodia

Art Images for College Teaching:  Royalty free art images from ancient to modern

Metropolitan Museum of Art

SILS Art Image Browser:  Art, architecture and museum images from four collections



American Memory Collection:  Historic images from the Library of Congress, organized by topic.

USDA Historical Photos

Images of American Political History

America from the Great Depression to WWI:  Over 160,000 images from the American Memory Collection

Yale University Map Collection

American History in Motion:  Historical film clips from 1903 to WW II

Authentic [US]History Center:  Sound and images from Civil War to 2000

National Park Service:  Images of National Parks, monuments, battlefields and historic sites

NYPL Picture Collection Online:

 NYPL Digital Gallery:  I'm not sure why they have two sites, but this is another excellent resource

Index of Medieval Medical Images




Geo-Images Project Collection of images useful for teaching geography



Chaos Gallery:  Images from U. of Maryland

Visualizations:  "A collection of scientific visualizations by Jean-Francois Colonna. Topics include fractals, chaotic dynamics, quantum mechanics, fluid mechnaics, surface visualizations, natural phenomenon synthesis, signal processing, autostereograms, etc.

The Dance of Chance:  Images of fractals in nature, with curriculum guide.  From the Boston Museum of Science and Center for Polymer Studies.

Gallery of Mathematical Images:  From Loughborough U.

Sprott's Fractal Gallery

Spanky Fractal Database

Symmetric Chaos

Visual Math Institute

3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects


Infinite Fractal Loop




Science Images:  From the Association for Science Education. Organized by topic.

Center for BioScience Image Bank

NASA Planetary PhotoJournal

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive

History of Medicine:  Images from the National Library of Medicine

Digital Images of Nature and the Environment:  From the National Biological Information Infrastructure

GRIN:  Great Images in NASA

ARKive: Images, sound files and video clips of endangered plant/animal species. Note Terms of Use.


Editorial Cartoons


Professional Cartoonists' Index:  Archive of current editorial cartoons from around the world  (remember, this is COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL! Use appropriately)

Versailles Treaty:  Scroll down a bit for links to political cartoons

British Cartoon Archive:  This is AMAZING

Hayes vs. Tilden

Learning Curve:  Cool little tutorial from the UK on analyzing historical cartoons, with a few examples.

The Yellow Kid:  1895 archive from OSU

Hale Scrapbook:  Georgian England

Lyonel Feininger:  Early comic strips

Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon:  1780-1977

Dr. Seuss Went to War:  Political cartoons

American Political Prints 1766-1876:  Vast collection of Harper's Cartoon, from the LOC

Oliphant at the Library of Congress

Puck's Role in Gilded Age Politics:  University of Virginia-

WWI Cartoons

Editorial Cartoons Database:  Archives from Simon Frasier. Canadian cartoons from 1952-present.

BALDY 1946-1982:  Archive from USG

Thomas Nast:  From Ohio State

eHistory at OSU:  Links to several cartoons

FDR Cartoon Archive


American Memory Collection:  These will be repetitive

Chinese in California, 1850-1925

African American History

Immigration/American Expansion

Presidential Cartoons

Women's History




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